Soline Training solutions has helped small business maintain and increase their competitive advantage through a suite of training programs aimed at adopting strategic approaches to Supply Chain, Contracting and Procurement processes. Our customizable training suite will provide your organization with the ability to:

  • Conduct in-depth supply market analyses
  • Develop sound sourcing strategies
  • Gain a clear understanding of supplier costs by developing cost models
  • Negotiate with a clear understanding of cost elements and cost drivers
  • Build robust and long-term strategic relationships with suppliers
  • Engage key stakeholders in the supply chain to develop breakthrough cost reduction strategies
  • Apply learning to any category within the organization

Our facilitators bring deep knowledge from your industry and experience from other industries to offer business insights and innovative perspectives to help your people internalize the training in their day-to day work.
Our course offerings include:

  • Strategic sourcing
  • Supply market analysis
  • Strategic cost management
  • Supply Chain cost¬† management
  • Financial analysis